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10 reasons to study abroad and its benefits

One of the biggest reasons one wishes to study abroad is the quality of education. It’s true that studying abroad exposes students to a finer quality of education. In 2019, more than 7 lakh Indian students went to study abroad. Every year thousands of students apply for VISAs to study abroad and the numbers just increase year after year.

An overseas education and degree is your gateway to highly paying jobs and opportunities not just in your home country but also worldwide. It hones your skills and makes you a versatile professional in your area of study, as you develop international exposure. Here are the top 10 reasons why one must consider studying abroad-

Our current structure in India doesn’t provide a variety of course options to students who have a diversified skill set with specific courses that they wish to pursue. However, looking outside the country is an available option where multiple countries have universities which consistently develop courses as per the current trends and requirement of students.

Admission process abroad is much simpler as compared to India. In India, to get into the top colleges and universities one has to give multiple entrance exams and aptitude tests like IITJEE, BITSAT, AIEEE etc. However, for overseas education the qualifying process and the entrance tests are much simpler.

It is with no surprise that we all know the quality of education is much higher abroad than in India. This provides a lot of practical and theoretical expertise to students and enables them to not be educated only within the confines of text book knowledge. Students gain a lot of functional experience while interacting with industry trained professionals. This develops their skill and ability.

When students travels abroad for further education, they learn to prepare themselves for the world by being independent and resourceful towards themselves. This makes them more useful, street-smart and intelligent besides developing their wisdom. One cannot acquire these qualities by staying at a place, traveling makes people more mature. Interacting with people from multiple cultures all across the globe gives them a wider perspective towards life, and improves many qualities like decision making, public speaking, financial knowledge, heritage and cultural awareness and emotional intelligence.

You’ll expand your network. Whether or not you’re bonding with someone else from your country who is on the trip with you, or making friends with a local, expanding your network is great for your social life, your career, and your own growth.

When one starts living alone for the first time, one tends to develop the art of being independent and accomplishing day to day tasks themselves. This develops their problem solving and solution finding ability which is a very important skill for all professions.

Studying abroad comes with a new experience of understanding and conversing with people from different cultural ethnicity. Living abroad helps you learn foreign languages which is very helpful if you decide to pursue a career and job in other countries.

For those seeking adventure, studying abroad is nothing less than one. Most students experience a wide range of adventurous experiences whether adrenaline pumping or witnessing carnivals and festivals abroad. All this is an enthralling experience that binds one to their commitments of accomplishing their study and exploring more about the respective countries.

It is indeed true that job opportunities are more abundant in foreign countries in comparison to India. One can pursue their dream job that would come with a lot of perks and possibilities after course completion abroad. Many students fall in love with their host countries and start seeking job opportunities there. Most employers also seek overseas students as they possess higher work ability and thinking skills.

While studying abroad, one tends to discover their true interests and passions and find a way to pursue them seamlessly. Studying abroad offers many activities that allow you to understand yourself better and discover your interests which you might have never known before. Your undiscovered talent finds access when you indulge in such activities which are easily available overseas.

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